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2 June

Vacancy in San Diego

The vacancy rate in San Diego has been quite low in 2020. Since the hit of the coronavirus in early 2020, many families and individuals with plans on moving into new homes and selling their homes have stopped their sales. This with the added number of people who have chosen to buy homes during this time due to the low-interest rates have resulted in a low vacancy for San Diego county.

This may be tricky for buyers and sellers alike, but having an exceptional realtor can change your experience. As a buyer, you’re looking for someone who can find you the hidden gems to buy or rent a place without the premium price tags that have existed as a result of the high buyer demand. As a seller, you’re looking to properly display your home so that you can benefit from the high demand market present right now. Without the proper realtor, you could be selling your house for much lower than its value during this time or buying/renting for much more as a result of being taken advantage of. This is why working with Doris “Day” Dirks is the obvious solution for your real estate needs during this time.

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