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Popular San Diego Residential Locations

San Diego is a stunning city with so much to see and do. Not only is it great for its many attractions, but there is something truly for everyone, whether you’re into the city life, beach spots, or nature scenes. Torrey Pines Torrey Pines is a beautiful neighborhood. There is great nightlife, plenty of things… Read more »

Affordable San Diego Neighborhoods

San Diego is a beautiful city, however this prime placement with many things to do comes at the expense of a higher cost of living. For those who desire to live in San Diego with everything an easy its easy commute away but would prefer a more affordable neighborhood, here are the most recommended spots…. Read more »

Vacancy in San Diego

The vacancy rate in San Diego has been quite low in 2020. Since the hit of the coronavirus in early 2020, many families and individuals with plans on moving into new homes and selling their homes have stopped their sales. This with the added number of people who have chosen to buy homes during this… Read more »